LÖBRO Autoparts is focused on the drive shafts for imported cars in China mainland.

LÖBRO Autoparts belongs to GKN group, which, founded in 1759 with a history of 257 years, is the leading automotive driveline technology and system provider. GKN takes almost 45% of the market share, which is rising year by year globally.

SDS Autoparts is focused on the drive shafts for joint-venture and Chinese domestic cars.

SDS Autoparts belongs to SDS Company, which, founded in 1988, is one of the earliest foreign-invested joint venture companies established for automotive components in China.

SDS Company is working closely with joint-venture and Chinese domestic car makers to provide them with integrated driveline solutions and first-class supporting services.

Today, SDS Autoparts can provide OE quality parts for major joint-venture and Chinese domestic cars, with professional maintenance and repair solutions.

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