We are committed to the development and training of our people. Outstanding talents have been growing in the fields of management, technology and high skills by SDS“M talent development system”. With a combination of corporate development planning with personal development plan, we have paved the career paths for our employees, provided them with multiple training programs, and encouraged them to keep learning to improve their capabilities.

  • Management elites for the future are cultivated and reserved through the leadership development program.
  • The capability levels of technical staff are upgraded by means of a scientific evaluation system and effective motivation.
  • The new trainees are cultivated to become key members in their departments by long-term and diversified career paths.
  • The international visions of the talents are expanded with overseas training programs.

In SDS, we create a cooperative, innovative and pleasant working environment for our employees and are committed to building a team of employees with confidence, passion and a spirit of cooperation. We have conducted various competition activities to create a lively and competitive atmosphere to enhance team morale and cohesive power. We pay attention to the physical and mental health of our employees, and have organized a variety of colorful leisure activities, including team building, sports competitions, and family days, to help them achieve a balance between work and life.

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