Shanghai GKN HUAYU Driveline Systems Co., Ltd. (SDS) is one of the earliest foreign-invested joint venture companies established in China for automotive components.

SDS specializes in manufacturing driveline system products and components. With the aim to be an innovative and excellent supplier of intelligent drive systems for conventional and electrified vehicles, SDS takes a leading position in domestic market and with good products and service to automakers at home and abroad.

SDS has a technical center for product research and development for driveline systems. With a top-notch engineering development team and comprehensive test and validation systems, it is able to provide the customers with integrated driveline solutions.

  • Inaugurated as a Joint Venture
    Sep 1988
  • Footprints
    10 Plants in 6 Locations
  • Market Share (CVJ Business)
  • Sales
    10 Billion CNY +
  • Headcounts